About Me

I found yoga as a way to heal. Initially finding the time on my mat as a physical workout, it morphed into a practice that helped me to restore mentally and emotionally. 

My life experiences and the resulting trauma opened space for yoga to take centerstage. Because of the impact and transformation yoga had on me, I became a teacher to share this practice and the adoration I have. I have studied with Jason Crandell, Janet Stone, and Judith Hansen Laster and have an alignment-focused approach in both vinyasa and restorative styles of yoga.

Outside of yoga, I have a huge fascination with language and hold a Master's in Linguistics from the University of Hawai`i at Mānoa. My life can be summarized into four words: yoga, language, cats, and carbs.

My classes encourage you to feel your body, with an emphasis on using your breath to feel every inch. I believe in breaking down movements of the body so that students understand the asana fully: the function, the benefit, and how it can be sustainable for years to come. As a bonus, you will also be exposed to my (bad) humor.

My teaching philosophy:

Breath is a guide, movement as medicine.

I believe that yoga is a gateway into reclaiming the mind-body connection that is often lost through busy lifestyles, trauma, stress, and other demands of life. Aside from a physical practice, yoga helps you discover how resilient you really are, be that mentally, spiritually, or emotionally. I provide an intelligent sequence that makes sense within the body while breaking down elements of the vinyasa practice.

See you on your mat!

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