Public Classes

I teach group yoga (primarily vinyasa style) in various studios around the SF Bay area. Head over to the Schedule page for more info.

Vinyasa yoga can be defined as a rigorous breath-to-movement practice, great for any level of practice. Consider it a moving meditation, where you can drop in and tune out to your breath to feel more connected to your body. See my schedule here.

Workshops + Special Events

Workshops provide a different setting from a normal class. There is more time to break down concepts, try out new things, and learn something new.

Currently offering: Reiki + Restore with Lauren Kolsky on Sept. 24th at Satori Yoga Studio (7pm)

As city dwellers, we spend most of our days surrounded by the frenetic energy of the city; the constant go-go-go that our lifestyles demand. What if we took time out of our day to just press pause, to reset, so that we can reground and feel renewed?

Jessica and Lauren are teaming up to bring you a special pop-up class combining a supported, restorative yoga class with reiki. All of us have our life force energy within us, and when it feels very low or depleted, we are likely to feel stressed, sick, or imbalanced. Reiki is a Japanese energy technique which believes that all of us should have free-flowing “ki” (qi in Chinese medicine, prana in yogic philosophy) that works to remove obstacles within our bodies to allow the ki to move unimpeded. This helps to promote healing of the body, and an overall sense of well-being.

Restorative yoga is the practice in which static postures supported by props are held for several minutes to promote relaxation. By taking the time to pause, the parasympathetic nervous system turns on to let the body remain in a calm state. This pop-up class will be sure to leave you relaxed and ready for whatever comes next. What to expect: A relaxing restorative class with optional essential oils and hands-on love sprinkled in with grounding, yet renewing, reiki energy.

Please bring an eye pillow if preferred.

Private Classes

Interested in refining a certain posture, or focusing on a muscle group, or want to feature yoga at your event? I can tailor a private class, or set of classes just for you or your group.

Private classes off you the opportunity of individualized one-on-one attention, removing any intimidation or judgment factors. It allows me the time to look at your alignment and make informed recommendations for public classes outside of our time together. 

Please contact me if you are interested!


Do you want to bring yoga to your office or corporate event? Yeah, you do. Let's chat.