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Finding Steadiness and Ease: An Evening of Yoga Nidra, Meditation, and Restorative Yoga

Constantly moving, going from place to place, with no time to slow down? If this sounds like you, you know it catches up with you. It’s not until when illness, injury, or burnout happens that you’re forced to take time to check in with yourself and and just be.

Restorative yoga, meditation, breathing practices, and Yoga Nidra can offer a recalibrating balance to all of the go-go-go and constant demands of day-to-day life. This 90-minute practice will explore many of the deeply soothing and restorative avenues of the yoga practice. These practices are a wonderful complement to the more vigorous and athletic style of vinyasa yoga. In alignment with yogic philosophy and methodology, Jack and Jessica will use the tools of these practices to help you cultivate optimal ease and steadiness in mind and body.

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